Ross McClain Studio




My design process involves an empathetic immersion into the problem by making sense of deeper insights that are discovered from collected data and listening. Then I make alignments that focus on possibilities rather than the constraints of conventional wisdom. Once I understand the needs of the client I move on to identify and narrow down specific solutions that align with the identified criteria.


Multiple perspectives are needed in my design process which is why I co-create with stakeholders in order to have a successful outcome. I try to give as much structure and linearity to the problem-solving process to help acclimate and instill an atmosphere of confidence for the creative collaboration phase.

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Reflection on implicit biases must always be challenged in the design process. Questions should constantly be asked to determine what must be true for an idea to be work. The goal is to alleviate fears of failure or risk taking. Once again, I try to instill confidence to assuredly move through the design process. Allowing the participant/stakeholders the room to discover needs, generation idea and to test the ideas at their own pace.

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Finally, pre-prototypes are developed to give vivid actualization of the idea. Pre-experiences give stakeholders more-accurate assessments of the prototypes. The feedback received from the prototypes help confirm and solidify the final deliverables.